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Pie- you’ve just got to love it – I know I do. Oh, I like every other dessert known to mankind, too.  But, for me, nothing compares to pie.  We had a lot of pie growing up – usually apple or blackberry.  I have to tell you, and this is not bragging, it is just the plain truth – my Mom make the best pie. The secret was and is her crust – no pillsbury refrigerated crust for her, just good old crisco, flour, a little salt and cold water mixed together.

Over the years I’ve read about shoo fly pie and chess pie and grape pie, but have never actually ate them.  I’ve read about all sorts of variations of apple pie, but I only make the kind my mother taught me.  So, I have decided to give myself a pie challenge.  I am going to try to bake a different pie each week.  Yes, there it is in writing, but knowing myself, some weeks it may be three pies and some weeks zero.  I have made myself a pie schedule and I will attempt to stick to it.  Maybe I should rephrase my goal. Over the year, I am going to bake, on average, a different pie a week.  I will attempt to bake the pies based on what is seasonally available.  I will enlist the Wilson household in judging the merits of the various pies.  I am hoping they are all delicious and that I don’t gain 23 pounds from this challenge. (Update alert: Do not try this at home; I gained way more that 23 pounds this past year!)

Ok, now let’s talk pie crust.  I have to tell you up front that I am a pie crust snob.  I don’t like the store bought refrigerated kind.  Believe me, I wish I did.  I also know, that if I can make pie crust, anyone can make pie crust.  It really is not that hard – trust me on this! I have two standby recipes I use – my Mom’s   which is very basic and my friend Paige’s pie crust which is a little fancier with egg and vinegar in it.  Don’t tell my Mom, but I have been using Paige’s pie crust more lately.  Also, I must confess that I don’t like butter in my crust, but I know you might so I have a recipe for you butter loving pie crust types.

So, I’m off on my pie adventure…


Chocolate Pies:

Cream Pies:


Fruit Pies (Please note – Lemon pies are so special they have their own category):















Lemon/ Lime Pies:


Nut Pies:

Pumpkin/Sweet Potato Pies:

Holiday Pies:

Savory Pies:

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