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Make Your Own Union Jack Pillow

Union Jack Pillow in my new fuchsia/ kelly green color scheme

“You only live once” and “paint is just paint”(and can always be repainted) are my interior painting mantras. Thus, my new paint scheme for the library is the classic kelly green/ fuchsia pink combination seen more frequently in Lilly Pulitzer clothing than anywhere north of the mason dixon line. My beloved children call it the “watermelon room”. However, I can’t believe how well I’ve trained the Lieutenant…I didn’t hear a peep from him when he came home to see the formerly muted chalk grey blue walls of the library now very,very verdant. You must also understand that the library, formerly known as the living room, is the first room one sees when entering our house. I definitely don’t think I can live with this color scheme for ever, but I don’t have to as it is just paint and it’s fun for now!

Do you know how hard it is to find fuchsia curtains? Or even fuchsia velvet or silk to make the curtains? In my futile search for fuchsia curtains I discovered the Dharma Trading which is a fiber arts supply company. This means you can buy all sorts of dye-able blank fabric, including silk and velveteen and whatever oddball dye color you need to dye it with. So, I made my own velveteen fuchsia curtains at a very reasonable price. I love Union Jack flags, too. So to tie all that green and pink together I sewed a union jack cover for an 18″x18″ pillow I had. Here is the pattern I used: union jack pillow .  Union Jack flags are of course, typically, rectangular, but I tried to stay true to the proportions of the stripes/ diagonals. You can get the real specifications from the flag institute. Please feel free to email me if you would like a full size pdf pattern.

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